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  • I saw these 60s style photographs for Leith Clarks (of Lula Magazine) eyewear collection with Warby Parker and they were right up my street. 

    I also got new pencils, polychromos by Faber Castell, and wanted to use them and try a lot of colour. I think some parts turned out really nicely and other experiments weren’t as nice but overall I like it. 

    The model is actress Zoe Kazan who I’ve seen in Happythankyoumoreplease, The Pretty One and Ruby Sparks (which she also wrote) so it was nice to draw an awesome lady as well. 

    Still some things don’t turn out how you think. Even after years of work. 

    I had the idea to make these cards for my etsy store. However on completing them they have taken too long and are too flimsy to be sold fairly. They tangle when folded also. 

    I still have the designs though, and I like them, so they will appear in another life form. 

    These were taken from a few cards I made for christmas a few years back. They may reappear again. 

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